Prologue – Part 3: Muslims were taken out of Islam LONG BACK

They gave you a system of life and you embraced it wholeheartedly. Why? Only because you were out of the Quran.
The kuffars, after they finished their armed crusades and established their foothold on the Muslim lands they started new frontiers of crusade, the school systems, a plot to impact, slowly but permanently, a psychological shift of the Muslim minds.  They gave Muslims a new identity, they introduced their schools to ‘educate’ Muslims. They made Muslims feel proud of something other than Allah’s system. So they felt proud educating themselves from the schools of the kuffar’s and felt lowly studying in the Madrasa. They gave high regard to those who came out from the school systems and disregarded those who came out from the Madrasa. A new social system had taken the root in the Muslim societies. A new mental shift in the Muslim societies had started taking shape.
Education in the Madrasa where you would learn Allah’s Deen had been deemed backward, and education in the kuffar’s system of schools had been deemed as modern, progressive and advanced. Only because the life of the world became more desirable to the Muslims. Madrasa education does not educate you for life but the school does. Muslim is out of Islam Quote (2)Madrasa does not educate you science but school does so that you can go for technological advancement, the aim of which was to bring ease in life which soon turned into bringing nothing but comfort and luxury.  Madrasa does not educate you to be ‘creative’, ‘open your horizon’ or ‘free you mind’, but the school does. The result of which is that you can walk step by step towards only one ultimate goal – dehumanizing society by engaging in adultery in every aspect of life, endless easy entertainment and sport, which ultimately leads to nothing but pushing you towards Jahannam. O Muslims, by living in such a society, if not you, but your grandchildren would have no escape from Jahannam.
Yes, after 200 years of introducing and embracing that school system, this is the result today. In the first wave, Muslims were washed away from the Khilafah (the greatest dam which was supposed to protect the Muslims) And then the following waves became easier. Muslims were in the multi-layer of waves of shirk. and there’s no way they can come out from that ocean of shirk.
So they develop ‘Islamic’ banking systems which ultimately feed the systems of kuffar’s Riba. They establish ‘Muslim’ schools but they follow the system of kuffar’s inch by inch in such a way that the education from Muslim schools cannot make one to follow the systems of Allah, their Rabb, but remain following the kuffar’s systems.
They teach ‘Tawheed’ in their ‘Islamic’ schools but that doesn’t make them hate the kuffar’s system. Rather, the result of their ‘Tawheed’ education manifested into them advocating and advising the Ummah to “engage in voting” and “choosing and weighing pros and cons of democracy.”
And then they work to establish the Khalifah but within the shell of kuffar’s democracy by participating in democratic processes. And then are those who work for the Khilafah by manufacturing easy paths towards achieving it.
So you now feel pride with their titles, ‘Doctor’, ‘Engineer’, ‘PhD’ etc, which are engraved so deeply into your mind that you introduce yourself with those titles even before your actual names, leaving your original names behind the titles which are only supposed to identify your skills. You feel pride in receiving their certificates, and you greet yourselves with their greetings. So now, you do not honour the one who has more Taqwa, more fear of Allah or the one who follows the guidelines of Allah. Rather, you identify them as “conservative”, “fundamentalist”, “extremists” and honour the one who has completed a degree from a University, and has a professional title.
They have chosen the system of life from the kuffar’s, a system of social culture over that which Allah, their Rabb, gave them. Therefore, the result is manifested today in the Muslim world. Allah, the Most Just, has humiliated them by the Kuffars because of their abandoning of Allah’s system and loving of kuffar’s system. May Allah guide them.